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A long time ago I had the idea that every interest I wanted to share, or create a 'filter' for, should have it's own blog. I don't know where that silly idea came from as none of my projects really had much of an audience, nor was it all that fun. Perhaps I was caught up in all that niche blogging hype. Hype which creates lots and lots of blogs for Google but very little that humans actually want to read. Not that kelake is a pleasure to read.

I would still like to record the imagery I find but Moveabletype is not the easiest tool for publishing media other than text. Perhaps if I find another tool I will give it a try - for my own brand of fun.

Published: Sep. 18th, 2008. Categorized: Text.

"Shao" means small. A glorified side-bar of links, Shao Kelake features off-the-cuff commentary, destinations, design inspiration, and objects of interest.

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