LED Desk Lamp


Space conserving, energy efficient, and award winning, this two-bar lamp has 66 LEDs (included) that brightly illuminate but create minimal heat. Adjustable joints extend up to 46", allowing for easily directed light. Includes a desk clamp. Made of aluminum and plastic. Simple assembly required.

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp by Peter Ng.

Peter Ng, spent a year perfecting the design of the Z-Bar, which is manufactured in Hong Kong. "I always wanted to create a lamp that had just the essentials," Ng said. "At the same time I wanted the lamp to be functional and look good." A featherweight crop of LEDs enabled the designer to fulfill both profiles: Sixty-six bulbs put out more than 100 lumens focused in a 50-degree viewing angle, and the lamp's aluminum supports have been thinned to just ½ by ¾ inches. The piece extends with birdlike grace 47 inches from a weighted base that can tuck under external hard drives or act as a makeshift coaster. Once Ng had prototyped the bendy body, he said, "I handed out samples to co-workers and friends. I went back and spent days and nights figuring out how to make the joints as adjustable as my testers wanted." There are three joints in the neck alone, including a hinge, a rotational joint, and the light bar's plug-in spot. (The company has since extended the LED line with four other variants, including mini Zs with 40 LEDs and I-shaped lamps with 38 LEDs.)

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