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I'm back in Taiwan from Bangkok and traveling to beautiful center of the island to install a series of sound art installations in Puli, Nantou County. A very unlikely location for somewhat strange sounding work.

This series of work is something that I have been playing with for years. It brings together a number of different interests of mine including mobile networks, sound as art ( I was a musician way way back which is part of my underlining love of the 'road'), and autonomous creation.

I described traffic 2 (the second in a series of 3) as, a sound art installation that attempts to create spontaneous real time auditory compositions or improvisations using data gained from network traffic. A secondary aim is to test our understanding of the usage of network data in the public and private sphere. We treat the network as an unseen life form - a body in constant change - born from the usage patterns of the users of the system. By using network traffic as a tool for creating music we in effect illustrate this unseen form.

Unlike traditional musical performances, Traffic 2 does not exist over a set period of time. It is in effect never ending and never the same at any given point in time.

Some sound examples can be found here.

Published: Jan. 5th, 2007. Categorized: Auditory. Tagged: Sound art

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