Japanese Whispers

Japanese Whispers is "an experiment into the way information is changed by being digitally processed and transmitted through electromagnetic space, up to 20 mobile phones were laid nose-to-toe in a circle. During the performance event, calls between the phones were initiated in a variety of patterns (neighbour to neighbour or across the circle) and the ambient sounds and voices of participants were input into the mouthpieces to be propagated through the phones and mobile phone network.

The resulting feedback loop delayed and distorted the sounds through the iterative process of being digitised, transmitted, output and re-digitised, creating echoes of the room and nearby people that sounded much like chirping birds."

It's complex and a bit rough around the edges but I bet it was great. This might be something to try again in the near future.

Japanese Whispers is the work of Haque Design + Research, who specialize in the design and research of interactive architecture systems.

Published: Jan. 5th, 2007. Categorized: Auditory. Tagged: Art, Installation

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