En busca del silencio-Escorpion en ascendente


This is an LP recorded by the eclectic Mexican Theater Director Juan José Gurrola in the early Seventies with various friends (Victor Fosado: Percussion, Roberto Bustamante: electric Guitar, Eduardo Guzman: Trumpet). It is an unknown record, only a few copies were made. It is a rare example of Mexican experimental music, free jazz, alternative music, at that time. I consider Gurrola a pioneer of sound art in Mexico, along with Alejandro Jodorowsky who was a good friend of his back in the sixties.

On 2007, the curator Mauricio Marcin did an exhibition of Gurrola's artistic works and he asked me if we could make a CD of this forgotten LP, but inviting electronic composers to do remixes, sound interventions or works inspired in the different tracks of Gurrola's LP. I had already suggested this to Gurrola, and so he agreed and I invited 20 Mexican people to participate. It became sort of homage to this grate interdisciplinary artist, that sadly died recently, just after the CD was published. I present also here the works of these composers.

Sample: Nay Happiness

Juan José Gurrola | En busca del silencio Escorpión en ascendente

Ivan Naranjo is a sound arranger and composer from Morelia, Mexico. A fan of composers from Kevin Drumm to John Cage, Naranjo creates experimental compositions with a predilection for original sound textures.

Via The Hippodrome.

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