June 2008

The Great Awakening

But realising the emptiness of our activities leads to a focus on process rather than conclusion. You don't sacrifice the present for some kind of idealised future. The Bodhisattva, for example, takes a vow to liberate all sentient beings. But he or she doesn't then feel depressed because all beings are not liberated. The goal provides direction and we work towards it by focusing on one step at a time.
The Great Awakening - A Buddhist Social Theory

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Multiple Drafts Model

The Multiple Drafts model makes [the procedure of] "writing it down" in memory criterial for consciousness: that is what it is for the "given" to be "taken"... There is no reality of conscious experience independent of the effects of various vehicles of content on subsequent action (and hence, of course, on memory)."

Multiple Drafts Model

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Design is honest. Advertising is lying.


I feel the same. From Grandburo Online Store

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ITC Franklin


New revision of Franklin Gothic, by David Berlow. ITC Franklin

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My five year old knows Basic

A friend of mine recently called to tell me that he suspected his seven-year-old daughter had a "learning problem.' Six months after purchasing a Commodore Vic-20 home computer he is worried because she just can't seem to grasp the Basic programming concepts of strings and arrays. I asked him what in the world would make him think that she could be capable of understanding a complex concept like that. He replied, "They're learning about computers in school aren't they?'

Poor kids, I can see it all now. In ten years we will be labeling children who cannot successfully and efficiently program in at least two machine languages "computing disabled.' With the current emphasis on computer literacy, many educators are pushing the fact that children should know as much about computers as possible, at the earliest possible age. A recent educational report speculated that 25 years from now children would need the equivalent of a Master's degree in computer science before they graduated high school.

My five year old knows Basic.

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70 Amazing Business Cards

Some of these look well done but is it really necessary to be so flamboyant?

70 Amazing Business Cards - Fubiz™

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