January 2007

Japanese Whispers

Japanese Whispers is "an experiment into the way information is changed by being digitally processed and transmitted through electromagnetic space, up to 20 mobile phones were laid nose-to-toe in a circle. During the performance event, calls between the phones were initiated in a variety of patterns (neighbour to neighbour or across the circle) and the ambient sounds and voices of participants were input into the mouthpieces to be propagated through the phones and mobile phone network.

The resulting feedback loop delayed and distorted the sounds through the iterative process of being digitised, transmitted, output and re-digitised, creating echoes of the room and nearby people that sounded much like chirping birds."

It's complex and a bit rough around the edges but I bet it was great. This might be something to try again in the near future.

Japanese Whispers is the work of Haque Design + Research, who specialize in the design and research of interactive architecture systems.

Published: Jan. 5th, 2007. Categorized: Auditory. Tagged: Art, Installation

Traffic Sound Art


I'm back in Taiwan from Bangkok and traveling to beautiful center of the island to install a series of sound art installations in Puli, Nantou County. A very unlikely location for somewhat strange sounding work.

This series of work is something that I have been playing with for years. It brings together a number of different interests of mine including mobile networks, sound as art ( I was a musician way way back which is part of my underlining love of the 'road'), and autonomous creation.

I described traffic 2 (the second in a series of 3) as, a sound art installation that attempts to create spontaneous real time auditory compositions or improvisations using data gained from network traffic. A secondary aim is to test our understanding of the usage of network data in the public and private sphere. We treat the network as an unseen life form - a body in constant change - born from the usage patterns of the users of the system. By using network traffic as a tool for creating music we in effect illustrate this unseen form.

Unlike traditional musical performances, Traffic 2 does not exist over a set period of time. It is in effect never ending and never the same at any given point in time.

Some sound examples can be found here.

Published: Jan. 5th, 2007. Categorized: Auditory. Tagged: Sound art

Xu Bing


Xu Bing was born in Chongqing, China in 1955, but grew up in Beijing. During the Cultural Revolution, he was relocated to the countryside for two years starting in 1974 and later enrolled at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1977, earning an MFA in 1987. In 1990, he moved to the United States, where he still lives today, making his home in Brooklyn, New York.

His work can be installed on your Nokia mobile by visiting his page on Nokia's Connect to Art site.

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